Grafton MRC
About MRC  

The purpose of the Grafton Medical Reserve Corp is to protect the health, safety, and overall well-being of the community during a public health or community disaster response. 
Our goals include coordinating the efforts and plans of the Grafton MRC, conducting promotional and educational activities, and assisting other organizations with similar goals and objectives in order to prepare for and respond to local emergencies.

The National Medical Reserve Corps was founded after 9/11 to promote volunteerism and service nationwide.  MRC units are trained and prepared to respond to emergencies and to also provide education, outreach and various health services throughout the year.  Grafton’s MRC unit supports the Grafton community and surrounding Worcester County with trained volunteers who donate their time and expertise for various situations thus helping to strengthen the public health infrastructure of our community.

A Typical MRC Unit?
There is no "typical" MRC unit. Each unit organizes in response to their area's specific needs. A region's hazard threats, health concerns, and the organization in which the unit is established (health department, faith-based organization, etc.), will dictate what an MRC “looks like.” With community resources and partners that span a spectrum from local voluntary organizations to private corporations, the "face" of each MRC community is unique. However, the goals of the MRC are similar; units work toward bettering their local area's public health infrastructure and strengthening their response capabilities in the event of an emergency. The differences exist in how each community reaches these goals.